We’re Jan and Simone, born and raised in Austria, on our long way home from Chicago to… hmm, wherever home will be next.

Simone is an interpreter and translator. She speaks German, French, Spanish and English. She likes black-and-white movies and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jan makes things on the web. He mainly speaks JavaScript and React. He loves cucumbers and pudding. He doesn’t like the Eurovision Song Contest as much, but that’s okay.

We’re lucky that our jobs give us great geographic flexibility, and we’re using it to explore the Americas. Our six-month trip is taking us to the West of the United States, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. See the list and map of all the places.

In this blog, we want to share our stories and photos. Hopefully, some of our experience is useful for your future travels as well.

Thanks to Andrew and Emily for inspiring us with their blog Along Dusty Roads.

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